Act now, one thing you will do tomorrow within your circle – friends or family or workplace – on supporting women initiative.

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A member would automatically become our news subscriber and have the priority to join in our events held online and offline.

A volunteer applicant would be interviewed by our us before becoming a helper for our events, activities, Gemstone W Circle global mentoring program or other tasks to support the projects of various committees, and will be considered to become a committee member.

For mentor and mentee applicants, please check Eligibility here.


2019 Mentor and Mentee Application:


We have just finished our second intake for 2019, and we will reopen applications in January. Follow us on Facebook or LinkedIn to apply once it opens. Seats are limited!



*All successful mentors and mentees will automatically become members of GWC.

** All applicants will be waived for the GWC Annual Membership Fee (USD50) for the 2019 intake.