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Journey of Growth  


(Date: Nov 3, 2016)


Our first Women Leadership Event co-organized with Jones Day in Shanghai on a pro-bono basis. We are honored to invite Grace Ge, the first and youngest female partner in China of a very big PE group called Ares Management. She was the ex Managing Director of Goldman Sachs Greater China Investment Banking. Not only achieving such a high position in the industry dominated by male, she also masters well between family, children, personal goals and interest. Furthermore, at her young age, she already has a sense of purpose and put it in actions to support women and children out of her busy life!


Participants joined us to share her experience and journey of growth that makes who she is now. We encouraged our participants join us to become a contributor and influencer to women in need. Life influence life and Women support Women.

With GWC, “Every Woman Can Contribute to Create a Better World”.

Improve Your Life with Google Apps


(Date: May 23, 2015) 


Our First GWC Workshop in HK co-organized with Hong Kong Youth Service Leader Award – Improve Your Life with Google App. Have you ever thought that FREE apps could significantly improve your life and allow you to have more time? Thanks John Yeung for such a useful IT workshop. We learnt, be inspired and connected with many new friends.


Global Women Connect Shanghai Party


(Date: Aug 23, 2014)


The first Global Women Connect (GWC) party was held at Shanghai Kee Club, which is located in a very classy and antique Shanghai luxury house in the heart of the Shanghai Huaihai Lu. The event gathered over 30 individuals from different industries and countries including India, Japan, Germany, Malaysia, Taiwan, Hong Kong and different cities of China (such as Shanghai, Shandong, Wuhan, Wuxi, Harbin and many others). The theme of the party was “Meaningful Life”, the objective was for friends to share inspiring and meaningful stories of their lives, in addition to Foster new connections of friends over good Burgundy wines (sponsored by Herve Kerlann), great food all in a cozy and relaxing environment (supported by Shanghai Kee Club).

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The Journey of Failure and What is your Definition of Success?  


(Date: Mar 29, 2017)




To achieve success and happiness you do not have to find a path, you have to look inside yourself.


Panelists - Prof. Judy Tsui, Dr. John Chinchen and Ms. Kristi Swartz. 


Poster Details - Read More 


Video Highlight - Watch Here



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Empower Female Entrepreneurs in Tech and Investment

(Date: Oct 20, 2017)


GWC is the strategic partner of this Women Forum - Empower Female Entrepreneurs in Tech and Investment by CEIBS and UpHonest Capital in Shanghai. 

Event Details - Read More

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Asian Financial Forum


(Date: Jan 15-16, 2018)

GWC is very honored to be invited to collaborate with Hong Kong Trade and Development Council (HKTDC) for their major 2018 Asia Financial Forum (AFF).

Special Offer for GWC members and fellows to join the Asia Financial Forum in HK. 

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GWC Mentor Training Workshop

(Date: Jan 9, 2018)
GWC is glad to organize a complimentary online "Mentor Training Workshop" by an experienced professional trainer, Donna Burdge.

** Seats are limited, priority will be given to GWC mentors and members, other GWC fellows and guests will be on a "first come first serve" basis. 

Event details and Register here

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Techie Festival

(Date: Jan 14, 2018)

GWC is the supporting partner of this event located in Beijing organized by TechieCat.

GWC has 20 vouchers of 20% discount for our members and fellows. 

* Contact us for the Voucher code. 

Event details and register here

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Ladies Who Tech X eBay

(Date: Jan 17, 2018)

GWC is proud to be the community partner for this event - Ladies Who Tech in Action event at eBay in Shanghai. 

Event details and register here

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Asian Women in Leadership Submit

(Date: Mar 9, 2018)


Sandra Yu, our GWC Diamond Mentor will be one of the Keynote Speakers of this Leadership Submit in Shanghai. 


Event details and register here






 Ladies Who Tech Convention 

(Date: Jun 2, 2018)



GWC is the supporting partner of this event located in Shanghai. You are all welcome to join this fruitful event. See you there! 

Event details and register here



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2019 Female Leadeship Forum 

(Date: Mar 9, 2019)

Come join us for a day of of interactive forums, workshops and networking opportunities that focus the topics of Female Leaders in the Future. Panels will be led by top CEIBS professors, CEIBS students with specific industry experience and successful industry leaders.

If you want to hear from top male and female leaders from around Asia about the future of Female leadership, this is the forum for you.

Event details and register here



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Sustainability & Diversity

(Date: Oct 24, 2018)

Nowadays companies and business leaders like yourself care about “People, Planet and Profit”. But how to pave the path towards actionable plans? How can we all contribute as the leaders of our fields?

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GWC Europe Launch: Diversity and Inclusion - A Global Dialogue

(Date: June 27, 2019)

GWC launched in Europe with a view to expanding its network and global mentorship programme. 

“Yesterday was a big success”, said Geoff, one of our guests in this event. A group of business leaders and learners who are passionate about diversity and inclusiveness gathered in London and exchanged their stories, demonstrating great interaction. They brought high quality discussion on the future of diversity and inclusion in a global perspective, as well as the importance of women's leadership and mentorship in achieving that goal.

Event details and register here



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Learship Workshop Series NO.2: Leardership Networking, online

(Date: Sep 14, 2019)


What’s an effective network and how can it influence your leadership? What are the strategies that research has implied to build an effective network? GWC is more than delighted to introduce you our Leadership Workshop Series NO.2 - Leadership Networking.

This workshop will be presented by Dr Sophia Zhao, who held our first workshop on Leadership Branding and received very positive feedback. Dr Zhao is a Senior Research Faculty at the Center for Creative Leadership, associate faculty in Singapore University of Social Science and guest lecturer at Beijing Normal University.

Workshop date and time: September 14th (Sat) from 3pm to 5pm (China time) on Zoom.

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Learship Workshop Series NO.3: Storytelling for Leaders, online

(Time&Date: 6-8pm China time, Nov 21, 2019)


Do you want to bring your leadership skills to the next level? Are you wondering why and how storytelling can play a significant role in your professional career or business? GWC is more than delighted to present you the third online workshop of GWC Leadership Workshop Series – “Storytelling for Leaders” presented by Soundari Mukherjea.

As the Co-founder and Director of TSol (Tvameva Solutions Overseas Limited), a Capability Enhancement company, and the Strategy Advisor for TBSL, Soundari has extensive experience in conducting Behavioural Skills workshops, Leadership Programs, Storytelling for Leaders, Diversity & Inclusion initiatives and Team building workshops.

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Learship Workshop Series NO.1: Leardership Branding, online

(Date: Jun 22, 2019)


GWC is delighted to invite you to join our online GWC Leadership Workshop Series. The first workshop of the series is "Leadership Branding" on June 22nd from 1:45pm to 4pm (China time).

Dr Sophia Zhao, a Senior Research Faculty at the Center for Creative Leadership, Associate Faculty in Singapore University of Social Science and guest lecturer at Beijing Normal University, will lead the workshop to discuss and share her insights on:

• What leadership means to us

• What leadership impact to make

• Build your leadership brand

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2020 Female Leadership Forum: Leading with Purpose, online

(Time&Date: 3-5:30pm China time, July 7, 2020)


Leading with Purpose” is our theme for 2020 Female Leadership Forum co-organized with CEIBS MBA Women's Leadership Network. By attending this online forum you will:

- Learn from industry stalwarts and peers on how to approach real-world problems
- Walk away with tangible ideas for promoting diversity & inclusion through the World Cafe discussion
- Engage in a two-way dialogue between aspiring leaders and experienced industry professionals
- Get leadership shadow opportunities through one-on-one coffee chats/virtual meetings with leaders from different industries

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