What do we look for in a mentee?


  • Individuals who want to accomplish more in life
  • Who have the passion to improve their lives
  • Are open to cosntructive criticism
  • Want to proactively look at their strengths, weaknesses and opportunities for improvement
  • Are willing to share their mistakes and failures in order to learn from them
  • Are willing to listen to advice of others and act upon it
  • Can be honest about themselves and introspective
  • Have the ability to hold themselves accountable and be self-disciplined
  • Are open to new ideas and opinions


Motivation to Mentees:


  • Acquiring advice and emotional support for problem solving, personal planning and development (e.g. education, career etc.)
  • Constructing useful networks for future development
  • Widening their horizon in both social and personal perspectives
  • Have a good listener to discuss & support on sensitive / difficult issues
  • Exposes to new experiences and people from diverse cultural, socio-economic and profession backgrounds
  • Increase confidence and self-esteem

What they say about GWC...


GWC's Gemstone W Circle global mentoring program is open twice in a year. We have limited quota for mentees and mentors intake this time, so please feel free to check your eligibility here.


Apply online here when the application is open. If you have any questions, please feel free to write to info@globalwomenconnect.org

gallery/stephaine ng_photo
gallery/loyce huang

Loyce Huang 

Ruby Mentee

Sales Manager,

Pacific Market International



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gallery/eunice cheung

Eunice Cheung

Ruby Mentee

Sapphire Mentor,

Founder, 513 Paint Shop


Stephanie Ng 

Ruby Mentee



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Stories sharing FROM OUR Mentors & MEntees...


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“I can imagine without my mentor, it would have been still hard for me to find the right direction. My business goal has became very clear and I have gained full vision for my business since joining the mentorship program and my mentor has given me full support and advice on the industry insights and introduced me a variety of possibilities of the travel business.”


- Munkhtuya Nyamdavaa, 2019 Q1 

Founder of Nomadica brand, Impact Discovery LLC

Being in the GWC mentorship program has been a life-changing experience. I have never thought about my life goals and purpose when I am growing up until I entered the GWC mentoring program.

Having a person who is from a completely different background and whom I can fully trust gives me a new perspective on my life. My mentor listened to me and provided my support to explore myself. I am lucky to be selected by GWC and I am grateful for everything I have learned so far from the mentoring program.

I would highly recommend this program to everyone.




- Ding Li, 2018 Q2

Senior Sustainability Consultant, Cundall

gallery/ding li_photo

Tonya Ridgely 

Founder, Transformated Art, Shanghai

Serena Shen

Senior Cluster Revenue Manager, Hilton

Low Hui Ping 

Finance Manager BP

Olivia Zhang

Member of ZAC

Xenia Sidorenko 

Upcyclist and Founder of UseDem

Kang Kang 

Associate Manager, Nielsen