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Geeta Thakorlal 

Diamond Mentor

President, INTECSEA 


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Donna Burdge

Diamond Mentor

 Managing Partner, 

Burgeoning Vine Consulting


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What do we look for in a mentor?


  • Individuals who are passionate about helping women in developing countries
  • Are also passionate sharing their experience in order to help others
  • Are comfortable providing honest, constructive criticism
  • Have achieved a respectful position in their own field
  • Have the necessary experience to approach a wide range of topics and situations
  • Have good listening skills
  • Have time to help others advance in life
  • Have the ability to show the way by asking the right kind of questions
  • Have a positive caring attitude
  • Have the ability to motivate a mentee
  • Are open to learn from a mentee

Motivation to Mentors:


  • Building a role model for the young generation
  • Carrying personal social responsibility by contributing to the world
  • Educating future leaders for the society or helping young women out of poverty
  • Gaining recognition and respect from others
  • Personal and professional satisfaction
  • Improve interpersonal skills and focuses the mentor outside of herself
  • Staying young at heart
  • Learning from mentoring and also mentees
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