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Nov 18 Wed, 7:30pm - 9pm | GMT+8
Nov 26 Thu, 7:30pm - 9pm | GMT+8

Responsible Leadership Workshops

When the world becomes unprecedently uncertain and vulnerable, especially the pandemic directly challenges both business/personal sustainability and purpose, are you already thinking of how to redefine our leadership at work, at life or for our own businesses?

How can we better motivate and influence people around us through purposeful and responsible leadership? Is this the same across all cultures? Does the efficiency we all have been after offer the ultimate goal of effectiveness we want?

Our Responsible Leadership workshops are guided and facilitated by global leadership scholars and humanistic management experts, at the same time, featured by real experience and stories of industry leaders. This is a global conversation and interactive learning to transform us towards responsible leadership for better future.

Past Workshops


Leading with Purpose - 2020 Female Leadership Forum

What influences purposeful leadership? How can inclusivity drive purpose-driven impact?


Resilient Leadership in Times of Crisis

 We are very excited to launch this global live webinar so that existing and future leaders around the world can learn from each other and share their stories.


Barriers to Leadership

Leadership is much more needed during times of crisis. The world is calling for more diversity in leadership. 
What is your leadership brand?


Optimize Your Network For Professional Growth

What are the three most important characteristics of an effective network? What is missing in your current network?

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